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I began Travel Portal to share places, faces, feels and foods. The world is our home, the home of all humanity, flora and fauna. There are beautiful places close and far and we can visit, live and learn anywhere we go. My desire for travel includes absorbing history and culture and learning how the other one lives, survives and interacts with her and his peers, eco, social and political system. There is so much more to life than our own. So many stories to tell. So little time.

La Romana, Dominican Republic

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The most recent trips will be on the home page, but do stop by other places, because the archive keeps getting larger and larger. The world is large and you will find interesting things here.

The Great Wall of China

The Blog

It is important to give here a personal touch, and that is what the blog represents. Insights, opinions, tips, and thoughts. Check it out.

Athens, Greece

If you travel

I’d be happy to share your adventures as well. Let me know where you’re going or where you’ve been.


Square post with contact information gettingtotravel@gmail.com and photo of The Great Wall and The Acropolis in Athens.Share your traavel